The 4CAST MiniView & Mobile WebApp

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Getting started with the MiniView

Launching the 4CAST MiniView

  • Opens MiniView in current window
  • Opens MiniView in new popup window
Launching the MiniView

Returning to 4CAST Main View

Returning to the MainView
  • Opens MainView in current window
  • Opens MainView in new popup window

Saving a New MiniView

  1. Click the “Current Location” bar to show / hide the Navigation Menu bar
  2. Hover the “Browse” menu item to expand the Navigation Menu
  3. Navigate to the level required
  4. Click on Menu Item to view your selection
  5. Click on “Save” to save the current view as a MiniView
The process for saving a MiniView

MiniView at a glance

The MiniView Menu

The MiniView Menu
  1. Save your MiniView or add it as a bookmark
  2. The MiniView Organise / Edit Page
  3. Switch between MiniViews
  4. Open the Main Site

The “Current Location” Bar, Navigation Bar and Menus

  1. The "Current Location" bar
  2. The "Navigation" bar
  3. The navigation menus's
An Overview of the MiniView menu system

MiniView Options

Different display options for the headlines


Open Action

Touch Mode

Preview Pane

Latest headline with summary and preview of chart

Example of headline display
Always Popup

Always open headline in new window

Example of headline display
Auto (on / off)

Automatically sets the touch mode

Example of headline display
Headlines with Text

Headlines displayed with summaries

Example of headline display

Open headline in new window by clicking on icon

Example of headline display
On - Touch Screen

For mobile and tablet devices with touch input

Example of headline display
Headlines Only

List of headlines

Example of headline display


Off - Mouse

For desktop

Example of headline display

Organising and Editing your MiniViews

From the MiniView Menu

use the MiniView menu to go to the MiniView organise page

Open the MiniView menu and click on the "Organise" button to take you to the "MiniView Organise" page where you will be able to:

  • save
  • edit
  • rename
  • delete
  • set default MiniViews

The MiniView Organise Page

An overview of the MiniView organise page
  1. Back previous page
  2. MiniView Editing Page
  3. Create a new MiniView (Max 15)
  4. Set / Clear Default MiniView

The MiniView Editing Page

An overview of the MiniView editing page
  1. Reject changes & close editor
  2. Check to delete MiniView
  3. Rename a MiniView
  4. Accept and save changes(ie. renames / deletes)
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