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Preview: due 3 Feb - US Jan Employment [nonfarm payrolls] [Repeat] (0100-KVMH-C01)
03 Feb 15:26  - By:  David Sloan


Jan's non-farm payroll rise of 227k is stronger than expected and even firmer at 237k private, which gets close to the impressive ADP gain seen on Wednesday.  While the signals on job growth are strong the inflationary signals are not, with average hourly earnings up only 0.1% and unemployment up 0.1% to 4.8%.”

US Chart COMEX Feb Gold Update: No gold momentum at this hour, but staying with rally view from Fri for now (0100-KPSN-C01)
03 Feb 15:23  - By:  Rob Zukowski
Gold continued to hold the 50-day MA and rallied as expected. We switched from the Feb to the Apr contract on 31 Jan, but the result was the same; more rally action expected for the week. Our 1223/36 rally target zone was tested on 02 Feb.  
Chart USD/MXN Update: 21.09/00 target zone tested and now we move to temporary neutral and watch the 50-day MA (0100-KMSM-C01)
26 Jan 13:31  - By:  Rob Zukowski
USD/MXN tested our S/T bear target zone at 21.09/00 on the week and around the 50-day MA at 20.894 it could become a bit more 'tricky' now. We will now move to temporary neutral and wait to see if the mkt can close below the 50-day MA today before attempting any new bear view to 20.50 and lower. If the 50-day MA holds, there could be short covering to 21.24.
Chart USD/CLP Update: 200-day MA target tested and now it's not so clear what the mkt wants to do there into the weekend (0100-JQLP-C01)
16 Dec 15:26  - By:  Rob Zukowski
USD/CLP extended through our main MA target zone at 663.25/40 a bit sooner than expected and managed to test the 200-day MA at 668.43 amid the week’s very strong move upside.
US 1st Estimate Q3 GDP - charts and table (CKUC9801)
28 Oct 14:54  - By:  David Sloan


The 2.9% increase in Q3 GDP was a little above published consensus forecasts but probably close to where expectations had moved after the surprise fall in Sep's trade deficit. The broad message of the data was in line with what we had expected, the 2.9% rise in GDP and the 1.4% rise in final sales to domestic buyers are both 0.1% below our calls.

26 Oct 13:25
In September 2015 Barclays and Roubini Global Economics (now 4CAST-RGE) collaborated to launch the Roubini Barclays Country Insights™ Indices, a family of tradable equity indices that aim to pick fundamentally strong countries. One year later four of the indices have outperformed their market benchmarks, with the fifth coming in par.
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