Recent Good Call - USD/CLP

By:  Rob Zukowski Posted:  16 Dec 15:26

Chart USD/CLP Update: 200-day MA target tested and now it's not so clear what the mkt wants to do there into the weekend (0100-JQLP-C01)



USD/CLP fresh upturn action looks to be the start of a new S/T move higher and we run with it now. We wanted to turn bullish closer to the 644/42 zone, but the upturn clearly occurred ahead of that zone. For today, there is room up to 655 at least, but we think that the S/T path over the next week is toward the key MA zone at 663.25/40 and that is our main S/T target.



USD/CLP extended through our main MA target zone at 663.25/40 a bit sooner than expected and managed to test the 200-day MA at 668.43 amid the week’s very strong move upside

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