Referral Incentive Scheme

4CAST will pay you in Amex vouchers for any referral that you make which subscribes to our Service.

You may claim the commission as an Individual or as a team working at our partner redistributor. (Vendor)

The commission for leads will be split as follows;

Vendor Generated Commission earned per user lead Individual Generated Commission earned per user lead
Lead Generator $60 Individual $100
Manager $20    
Other Involved $20    
TOTAL $100
(paid by AMEX vouchers)
TOTAL $100
(paid by AMEX vouchers)


Vendor employee or individual who:

  • Provides a sales lead that results in a signed 4CAST contract with a minimum 12 month term or
  • Provide a signed vendor contract for 4CAST services with a minimum 12 month term

Subject to using Standard Pricing, Standard Terms and customer paying their first invoice

Process for claiming commissions

  • Step 1

    Registering leads:

    1. You must register your leads using our Referral Form providing;
      1. Prospect Name, Organisation, address, telephone number and email.
      2. Names of people who should be paid
    2. A completed form should be emailed to
    3. A confirmation of the lead will be sent to you by e-mail, copying in the 4CAST Sales and Customer Support Executives.
  • Step 2

    Tracking Leads:

    1. You and the salesperson discuss lead
    2. 4CAST salesperson works with you and prospect to set up trials and convert to subscription contract
  • Step 3

    Payment Process:

    1. The deal/contract is signed on a 4CAST contract (minimum term 1 year) and customer is invoiced
    2. When the first invoice is paid, 4CAST will dispatch commissions to you and your team in the form of Amex vouchers


Individuals are responsible for declaring monies received and paying their own taxes. For the avoidance of doubt, 4CAST nor the Vendor you work for will be responsible for paying any taxes relating to this scheme.

Please download the Referral Form.

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